About Us

Blue Parakeet Rugs is based in Los Angeles and owned and operated by Sheba Khodadad. All of our antique and vintage rugs are old world, handwoven wool rugs. Most of our rugs are a century old or older. Not just vintage, but really vintage.

Our rugs have been featured in homes styled by incredible designers like Emily Henderson, Amber Interiors and Emily Tucker, who named Blue Parakeet Rugs in her top 10 must haves in Colorado Homes magazine.

We sell online through our shop. We ship all over the world and, for the local stuff, we also offer on-site personal styling and install service called #RugNRoll. With this perk, you can pick some of your favorites from our inventory and have us deliver them to you for a rug play date. Also, if you own a rug that needs cleaning or repair, we may be able to help. Please contact us for pricing and details on all services.

New arrivals often preview on Instagram stories before they hit the online shop, so make sure to follow @blueparakeetrugs on Instagram if you want to have the first look and first dibs!

Without the fixed costs of a large-scale, brick and mortar retailer, we make these rugs and other one-of-a-kind finds available to everyone at honest prices. We sell what we love, and we work hard to give you as much information as possible about each listing including accurate photographs of each piece.

If you’re new to antique rugs, please check out our blog page for a great primer. If you’re looking to repair, clean, restore or sell a rug you own, or if you have a question about our listings or policies, please contact us. We love hearing from you!


My Story

I’m a native of both LA and the rug trade. My parents’ home was always as full of food and love as it was of antique Oriental rugs and relatives in the business. After completing my MBA, I launched my first venture, a brand and event consultancy. I loved helping clients build deeper, more lasting connections with their audiences and customers. I have also produced or been part of hundreds of amazing events that make an impact. It actually led to my second small business, which was a spin off of my first! Working with everyone from Hollywood stars to national consumer brands to difference-making nonprofits was incredible, and after a decade of growth and success, I was ready to find my next Everest.


In the summer of 2016, I had started working with my beloved uncle Joseph, who was a world-renowned rug buyer, dealer, and appraiser. He sold rugs wholesale to many of the world class rug retailers that are brick and mortar. Joseph was passionate and more about the art than the business and he wanted to bequeath his incredible knowledge about the art, history, and trade of antique rugs to the next generation and focused his efforts on me. Studying by his side was a gift. Eventually, I learned to see these woven treasures with new, expert eyes and found my new calling. As it turned out, our emerging venture and amazing collaboration was cut short as Joseph tragically passed away at what was still quite a young age and only a few months into this amazing journey I had with him. I was left inspired and heartbroken, but ignited within to keep his legacy alive. I launched Blue Parakeet Rugs in 2017, named in honor of my uncle Joseph and of his favorite blue rose-ring parakeet. I run this business with my whole heart. 


It’s been awesome to help build and be embraced by a great community on Instagram and through our shop and to become a trusted source for amazing design gurus as well as amazing home owners who want to have some love and history in their homes.


I never get tired of seeing one of these soulful rugs in its new home, preferably with barefoot kids and pets playing on top! I truly believe everyone should own an old, soulful rug that was handmade for months or years. These rugs are living, woven works of art made more beautiful by every home along their journey through the generations. I hope you find your next family heirloom at Blue Parakeet Rugs.