2'10" x 4'6" Antique Persian Baluch Rug

2'10" x 4'6" Antique Persian Baluch Rug


This is an 1880s Persian Baluch rug with flat weave Kilim edges. In excellent condition with vibrant color, super soft wool with a natural shine. It's simply delicious and its warm colors set truly set the tone. 

This is an old village rug, Baluchi tribe members hand weaved this amazing piece, and Baluch rugs stand out to collectors and rug enthusiasts for their distinct look and rarity. They have become more and more sought after as an admired pieces of history. 

On one top end of the rug, the edge weave is slightly curved and is slightly narrower on that side as well. These are natural characteristics of an antique hand knotted rug. 

Size: 2'10" x 4'6"
Origin: Iran
Hand knotted with vegetable dyed wool

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