9'3" x 12' Antique Serapi Heriz Rug

9'3" x 12' Antique Serapi Heriz Rug


This is one of our favorites!! A 19th Century, all over pattern Persian Heriz Serapi rug that will be a great catch for anyone who loves rare rugs with immense history and style. Serapi is one of the most primitive and sought after Heriz rugs, woven in the mountains of Northwest Persia and the bold geometric design which is continuous throughout the rug makes it all the more desirable. It took some years and multiple weavers to produce this room size masterpiece. 

As always, we have amazing antique rugs at amazing prices. This is a definite investment value rug and will be a great addition to home or office. The solid indigo blue background with its warm, rusty colored borders and intricate detail and design simply makes this rug so outstanding. 

Colors include and indigo blue ground with ivory, dark peach, french blue, baby blue, toasty brown, with rusty orange brown in the borders. The wool has been dyed naturally from plant and mineral sources to achieve its color. 

Fun facts: Heriz rugs are known for their strength & durability. Coined "the Iron Rug of Iran," Heriz rugs were produced in the Northwest corner of Iran, on and around Mount Sabalan. One reason for the toughness of Heriz carpets is that Mount Sabalan sits on a major deposit of copper. Trace copper in the drinking water of sheep produces the most desired wool for rug weaving because it makes wool that is stronger and more resilient than wool from most other areas. It is said that many Heriz rug designs are woven from memory, with intricate designs passed on through generations of artisans.

Low Pile
Origin: Iran
Size: 9'3" x 12'
From circa 1880

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