9'10" x 13'7" Royal Purple Antique Chinese Rug

9'10" x 13'7" Royal Purple Antique Chinese Rug


Oh, this antique rug is so special with the luxurious wool and pile, the vibrant color and design with dragons, and the flowers and hand woven art! 

This rug has much symbolic meaning. The dragon is a powerful element that protects life. It is a benevolent being that raises health and happiness. The flowers on each corner of the rug are all unique and distinct, true art and workmanship. 

Colors include a deep royal purple, lavender, saffron yellow, forest green, navy blue, aqua blue, and gray. 

The rug is in excellent condition, with some minimal wear, as can be expected with an antique rug of its age. 

Size: 9'10" x 13'7" 
From the 1920s
Hand knotted with vegetable dyed wool.

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