8'11" x 11'9" Antique Persian Malayer Rug

8'11" x 11'9" Antique Persian Malayer Rug


This is a gorgeous antique Malayer rug with superb color combo. It is from Northwest Persia and these types of village rugs are finely woven and are known to have much originality and richness in design. So basically, this rug offers a great deal of history, class and style. Just look at the gorgeous design all over the rug! 

This rug naturally dyed wool was originally with a madder red ground, but organically through time and our beautiful sun, it has aged so beautifully into what you see here. Now the indigo blue is on more of an ivory color ground and looks oh so spectacular. The wool is quiet soft compared to some of our other rugs and is full pile, so go ahead and let your toes indulge in the luxury and feel this fine Oriental Rug has to offer. 

This is an excellent rug which is a great investment and it will add a great deal of decor. It is a vegetable dyed wool rug that was hand knotted circa 1920. It is in excellent condition, especially considering its age!

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