5' x 14'2" Kurdish Runner

5' x 14'2" Kurdish Runner


This antique 1920’s Persian Kurdish tribal runner was hand knotted by Kurdish weavers, a very small minority in areas that are north of Persia. Kurdish rugs are known to feature herati design, (also known as water garden design), which this one embodies in the field. This all over pattern runner has a 3 lane border, one featuring a lovely floral design on a butterscotch yellow background that hugs and frames the rug so beautifully. If you look closely, you can see that there are chickens woven in, symbolizing “dawn of a new day”. Such intricate work!

Kurdish rugs are also known to be stout and solid! This runner may have taken a year or more to weave. The width varies a little bit on opposite ends of the runner. When we measured, we got about 4’9” on one end and 5’4” on the other, so figure a 5 inch variance over 15 feet. This is completely normal for handmade vs machine made rugs, so long as your space allows it, you're good to go.

The vegetable dyed wool colors are many and include a deep indigo blue field, ivory, burnt red, rusty red, burnt orange, creamy beige, dark brown, forest green, dark royal blue, tan, and toasted brown. Has some signs of natural wear but it is a nice, clean, thin, low pile runner, and in pretty great condition considering its age. 

Size: 4'9" > 5'4" x 15'2"

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