4'5" x 7'10" Antique Kazak Rug

4'5" x 7'10" Antique Kazak Rug

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Woven in the region of Caucasus, this 1880s vegetable dyed wool Kazak embodies the geometric and bold design and color that are traditional features of these rugs. These rugs are very powerful in design and durability. Some of the earliest Kazaks date back as far as 1700 BC and are the most widely collected and prized of the Caucasian rugs. They were not just used for the floors by the nomads who wove them, but were placed on walls because owning a Kazak was a status symbol. Kazaks were also placed on a King’s thrown or at his feet. 

The field of this rug has medallions with geometric pattern throughout. In the design, these nomads wove in "stars of wisdom". They believed wisdom is wealth. This is a stout Kazak, ready for another century of use, is in good condition with some natural wear and it's in great condition for its age. 

Size: 4’5" x 7’10"
Hand knotted veg dyed wool, from the 1880s.

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