4'4" x 6'11" Jewel Antique Malayer

4'4" x 6'11" Jewel Antique Malayer


This is SUCH a beautiful rug, the vegetable dyed wool colors just beam like jewels. This antique Malayer rug features a 3 lane border, 9 lotus floral medallions in the center and it has geometric and floral design throughout. 

It is in great condition, has medium pile and will pop in any room you set it in. Very soft and floppy, the wool is just delicious. There are many meaningful elements in this rug, such as dogs woven in, symbolism by the tribe for protection, trust and defense. Other elements include the tree of life, symbolism for being a path from earth to heaven. 

Colors include indigo blue (in the field), baby blue, pink, dark pink, dark sapphire blue, super light mint, yellow, rusty red, turquoise blue, creamy beige, toasted brown, tangerine orange, rusty brick red.

Love this rug! 

Size: 4’4” x 6’11”
Hand knotted in the 1880's - 1900.

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