3'3" x 5'10" Antique Persian Baluch Rug

3'3" x 5'10" Antique Persian Baluch Rug


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This is an 1880s Persian Baluch rug with flat weave Kilim edges. In excellent condition. It features super soft wool and is simply delicious with it's warm colors that truly set the tone. The dark brown backdrop of this rug with royal blue and peachy orange are unusual and a great combo. The rug has been captured under direct sunlight and will be undoubtedly darker when inside the home. Included is a pic in dim indoor light so you can see variance of color. 

This is an old village rug, Baluchi tribe members hand weaved this amazing piece, and Baluch rugs stand out to collectors and rug enthusiasts for their distinct look and rarity. They have become more and more sought after as an admired pieces of history. 

Size: 3'3" x 5'10"
Origin: Iran
Hand knotted with vegetable dyed wool

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