3'11" x 5'9" Antique Persian Rug

3'11" x 5'9" Antique Persian Rug


This is a rare Northwest Iran rug that boasts a beautiful and seldom seen saffron yellow ground. This rug as with all of our rugs is hand knotted with vegetable dyed wool. This rug was also handmade with undyed camel hair. 

You will notice abrash in this rug, as the weaver or weavers changed their natural wool over the course of time, while producing this rug. This is a true characteristic of wonderful antique rugs and an element that symbolizes it's old age. The design has another special characteristic in its design, including the small streaks of hot pink pool that pokes out in a few areas of this rug when the weaver once again changed wool to hand make certain areas and elements. It is a lovely rug with major history and age, and a beautiful all over pattern design with borders that pop.  

Medium, all over pile. 
Hand knotted circa 1890 - 1910

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