3'1" x 15'8" Antique Persian Runner

3'1" x 15'8" Antique Persian Runner

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This is one fine runner!

An 1880s Malayer, handwoven with vegetable dyed wool. It has paisleys all over the inner field on an indigo blue backdrop. The inner borders has rosettes and the outer guard border has a geometric floral design. The weave of this rug is pretty tight, made of high quality wool that has generations to go! 

Malayer is a village in Northwest Persia and is known to have produced some of the most distinct rugs we cherish today. This rug is a magnificent piece of history and floor art for a home or office that needs a nice, long runner with great design and style. We're especially attracted to the indigo blue ground and the paisleys, of course. Other colors include a mellow strawberry, forest green, dark baby blue, ivory, raspberry red and some splashes of saffron yellow. And best of all, it is in excellent condition! 

Pics taken outside, so please excuse some of the sun spots...

(sorry, USA only. International $50 flat)

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