12 x 19 Antique Bakhshaish Persian Carpet

12 x 19 Antique Bakhshaish Persian Carpet

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Circa 1870-1890, this world class antique Persian carpet is full of life and character, with an indigo blue medallion crossing its central field, setting off its sensational salmon field. Two ivory diamond medallions also cover the top and bottom field of this magnificent carpet sizing up at 12 x 19, with fine interlocking floral design in its multiple borders, featuring baby blue and ivory. 

This Persian Serapi Bakhshaish carpet has figures all over the rug, including a meadow of floral-geometric design along with a donkey that was woven into this carpet, perhaps symbolizing the life element that carried the wool of the village sheep that produced this fine Oriental Rug. The multiple lane borders completes and hugs this carpet quite beautifully, with the main border featuring a turtle design and angular lines, details so intricate and specific. 

This is a fine Oriental Rug representing a great piece of history and in it's palace size presence, it commands attention, but it is subtle and soft, with graceful and calm colors due to the wool being aged and dyed naturally with vegetables. It is so beautifully timeworn, leaving us as with a carpet to cherish with immense character. 

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