10'7" x 13'10" Antique Mahal

10'7" x 13'10" Antique Mahal


This timeworn Sultanabad Mahal rug is something else! It features a calm, vintage dusty-dark teal that is just divine. It has an all over, herati pattern, also known as water garden design, with an ivory central medallion and corner pockets in its field. Its wool is floppy, low pile and superb, woven by highly skilled artisans in late 19th Century. The 4 ivory corners enhance the field so well and the borders featuring interlocking design and turtles just speak for themselves. 

This Mahal has a vintage dark teal in its field, rusty melon-orange-brown borders, and includes ivory, chocolate brown, tan, pistachio green, aqua blue, indigo blue and coral-peach. 

Condition: Worn, low pile. 
Pics taken in direct and indirect sunlight so you can see color variation. 

Sultanabads are the most distinguished of Persian Mahal rugs and have the highest quality weave. Its monumental and classical design, warm palette and natural wear truly is a great piece of history and beautiful floor art to decorate a home. 

Size: 10'4" x 13'5" 
Hand knotted with vegetable dyed wool in Persia, circa 1880. 

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