10' x 11'8" Antique Heriz

10' x 11'8" Antique Heriz


NOTE: This rug is currently reserved. Please contact us to verify availability before attempting to purchase.

Can we say outstanding? Definitely. This antique heriz has so much to offer. It boasts amazing colors, a stellar geometric design with a central medallion that can't be missed, and it is amazing old world quality wool rug that is in phenomenal condition! 

Colors include a rusty red ground, with dark pink, cool blue, purple, forest green, golden yellow brown, ivory and indigo blue. Undoubtedly, this rug will bring a ton of decor to the room it lives it. Pics are taken outside and in the shade. The rug colors will be a little darker when indoors. Of course, this rug was hand knotted with wool that was dyed naturally with vegetables, plant and mineral sources, circa 1920. It is low pile and pretty even throughout. Look at those borders! Such intricate design and detail. This is definitely a show stopper! 

Heriz rugs are known for their durability and have been coined the "iron rugs of Persia". So need not worry, this rug has generations to go and is a great one to own! 


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