10 x 11'8" Antique 1880's Mashad

10 x 11'8" Antique 1880's Mashad


This is a hand woven Mashad rug, from the northeastern province of Khorasan in Iran. Mashad is a major producer of Persian rugs for hundreds of years and known to have some of the finest wool in their rugs. This rug is very unique because of its size that is a bit more square than rectangular and large, which is how Mashads were generally woven. 

It is a wool pile on cotton foundation, and overall, the pile is tight and thin. It has a very sophisticated and somewhat distressed style that has come organically through time, which makes this rug all the more desirable. Very sturdy, all over low pile with some areas of wear showing off its time worn look. It has curvilinear elements with 2 larger floral motifs and floral designs throughout and exquisite borders that frames this rug so beautifully.

Colors are deep blue, baby blue berry/burnt red, light , autumn orange, toasty brown, chocolate brown, and tan over a dark navy blue field. Pics taken with different lighting so you can see variance. 

Size is 10’ x 11’8”

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