A 1000x Better Unrolls BPR Heriz at Ranch featured in Rue Daily

Design-savvy readers know to expect something good when the words “A 1000x Better” and “California ranch home” appear together, and the latest project from the outfit featured in Rue Daily does not disappoint. Kirsten Blazek and team describe the thinking they put into the bottom-up makeover of a stunning ranch house for a young couple, including a Blue Parakeet Rugs beauty that anchors a gorgeous bedroom!

The 1880s Persian Indigo Serapi Heriz fits perfectly in a subtly dramatic room with enviable architectural details like soaring ceilings and light-flooding black windows and glass doors. The dream home is studded with just-right details inside and out, nestled in hilly landscape overlooking the city bustle below. Check out the full story behind the project and see the gallery at RueMag.com.

Sheba K